Boracay is the #1 beach destination in the Philippines. It’s popular for the white sand and cool waters. This great place is located North West part of Visayas area called Panay. You can catch a flight either on Cebu Pacific or Philipppine Air. Cebu Pacific is a lot cheaper.

During the summer time you can bet the beaches are crowded with tourists. Sometimes too crowded since this island is known for partying.

There’s many things you can do in Boracay. Island hopping is one of them since Boracay has 12 beaches to swim, snorkel or have a picnic. Crystal Cove is one of the popular islands and should be one of your destinations. Cost to go to these islands are around P200 each($4 U.S).

Discovery Dives will cost you around P3,000 each($40 U.S). You will need a certification if you don’t have one but they have their own classes there that will cost around P15,000 ($300 U.S).

Kite boarding is also an option. This will cost your P3,000($60 U.S).

If you just want to relax, you can go to a spa or get a massage. Right on the beach, there are several massage stalls that would cost you P350 ($7 U.S).

There are also many food choices to go eat. The seafood is great and fresh. There isn’t a bad place to go to here, every restaurant has great fresh food.

Shopping is also an option. There are many tourist gifts you can buy. You won’t regret going to this great place. Happy touring.