Unlike the unassuming façade of its old building, Hobbit House can now be easily seen from the street with its huge mural, which features the lead characters of Tolkien’s book. Up front is a huge, colorful circular door. Once guests pass through the door, a bell will be rung to announce their entrance.

To go with your drink, the menu offers a mix of local and western specialties such as Pinoy style beef steak, New York Cut steak, and Tomato basil and garlic pasta.

Taquitos which are mini tacos perked up with a sweet, slightly spicy salsa. I also tried the English Sausages with mashed potatoes. The sausages were meaty, nicely spiced and cooked just right. They had the right tenderness but not oily. It was served with an interesting salad of tomato, feta cheese and jicama on the side.

For more information:

  • Contact #  (+632) 521-7604
  • Email: hobbit_house_1973 @yahoo.com