There’s many things to do when visiting Sagada. Visiting the caves, taking hikes or camping are all options. Sagada is a much peaceful place unlike the busier city of Manila. If you just want to be around a nice, quiet and beautiful surroundings then Sagada is for you. The traveling time from Manila to Sagada is roughly 12 hours with either bus or car.

The city of Sagada closes down early and shuts down stores at 9pm. Sagada is a farming community so people wind down early to get up at dawn. So partying late night is not the place when visiting Sagada.

Sagada Attractions

Small falls (Bokong Falls) has a wonderful area where you can leap from the top into deep water.

The Burial Cave is a fascinating cave both aesthetically great to look at and also has an eerie feeling. Tourist don’t really need a tour guide for this cave. But the climb down is very steep and is only advised for young adventurous people.

Visiting Limstone caves would require you to have a tour guide who will have all the equipment for you for a small fee.

The Big waterfall (Bomod-ok) requires you to have a tour guide which will cost you about 500php($12). The guide will show you the way to the waterfall.

To get there, take the morning jeepney to Banga-an and ask to be let off at the big falls. The jeep leaves from the center of Sagada and the guides association can tell you the times. Find out about the times for return trips too as you will not want to be walking back to Sagada. The walk down the endless stairs is fabulous, the scenery divine. The falls themselves, once you reach them (about 1 hour) are predictably thunderous and dramatic. Swim in the freezing waters if you like that sort of thing, but get advice about the conditions from a guide first. The jump is very dangerous and hazardous so be careful and have people with you if you want to make the dive. Make sure you give yourself a good amount of time to head back to catch the jeepney back into town.