1. Aling Nene’s Barbeque Restaurant

Aling Nene started in 1955 selling Lechon baboy and other grilled foods. The pork bbq is the popular item here. Its on a stick and very tender. Its very well marinated, smokey and a wonderful treat to eat. Be careful, its very addicting.

Address: 1300 Vito Cruz Street, Manila
Number: (02) 353-2253
Hours: 7:30am-8pm
Website: www.alingnenesbarbeque.com

2. Dannylicious

Dannylicious is not a very big place which is located in Quezon City. They have been in business since 1970s. Their pork bbq is tender, very tasty and is a popular item here.

Address: 176-C Kalantiaw Street, Project 4, Quezon City Manila
Number: (02) 497-3982
Hours: 10am-10pm


3. Aristocrat

Aristocrat is popular for their BBQ chicken on a stick. They also have a BBQ pork on a stick as well and is good. You can pretty much get most of the traditional Filipino dishes here like the soup dishes Sotanghon and Sinegang. They also have a variety of Filipino desserts. They have several locations in Manila, but try the one in Malate.

Address: 432 San Andres cor. Roxas Blvd., Malate
Number: (02) 524-7671
Hours: 24/7


4. Amber Golden Chain

Amber’s most popular dish is the pork BBQ which is tender and very sweet. I’m sure they marinate their meats very long, you can taste it when you bite into them.

Address: 175 Tomas Morato corner Scout Castor, Quezon City
Number: (02) 372-2222
Hours: 8am-7pm
Website: www.amberestaurant.com


5. Countryside Restaurant

Countryside Restaurant most popular dish is the pork BBQ which is tender and very sweet. You should also try their Bulalo and Kilawin. Some say they have the best Papaitan.

Address: Katipunan Avenue
Number: (02) 647-1448
Hours: 9:30am-2:30am