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1,652,171 (2010). Manila is the second most populous city in the Philippines. The first being Quezon City (Metro Manila).



Manila is hot and humid pretty much year round. Temperature averages around 30’C (84’F) year round. Heavy rain falls from June to October and sometimes November. During January and February the humidity is at its lowest and temperatures are comfortable. The hottest months are from April to May when the temperatures are 34-38’C (93-100’F).



Philippine currency is the Pesos. Short code name is PHP(250 PHP) or just P(P250). All major credit cards are accepted in most big cities in the Philippines. Banks are everywhere in Manila with ATM machines.

A 12% Value Added Tax (VAT) is automatically added to purchases in Manila.

To check the current exchange rates go here: Currency Converter

Tips on tipping for restaurants, taxi, hotel services, etc. Its not mandatory to tip but tipping P50($1.00) is more than enough. At restaurants if the VAT is already added, its customary to add 10% of the total bill. The VAT usually goes to the owner and not the workers that serve you.






Tagalog and English. English is the second language spoken in the Philippines.


Dress code

Light clothing is necessary to wear in Manila. The weather is very hot most of the day. Tshirt, shorts and slippers are appropriate to wear during the day. Dress codes are more strict in night clubs, bars and other establishments.



Filipino food is very diverse and savory. All types of meats and seafood are used in Filipino dishes. Try the sour soup with pork called Sinigang Baboy, the famous chicken adobo, a noodle dish called Pancit Behon, or Oxtail with peanut sauce called Kare-Kare.