The easiest and most convenient way to get around Manila is by Taxi. All Taxis’s are metered. If for some reason the Taxi driver tells you his fare is not metered, you can either negotiate a price or just get out and find another taxi. Meters are priced by distance, never by time. Avg fare one way would be around 165php ($4.00).

Car Rental

Car rentals can be found in the Ninoy Aquino Airport. Or you can also find them spread around the city. You can try Safari Rent a Car which is located in Makati City.

Metro Rail Transit

The Metro Rail Transit (MRT) is maybe the quickest way to get from the different areas around Manila. Taxi’s are convenient but when rush our hits (3pm-7pm) traffic is overwhelming and the better choice would be the MRT. The MRT price range is around 10php ($.25).


Jeepney ManilaA Jeepney looks like a mini bus with very colorful artwork painted on the exterior. Jeepney’s have routes in and around Manila that will cost about 8php ($.20).



Tricycle in ManilaTricycle’s are found on the side streets either powered by motor or bicycle operated. These are convenient for short distances. Avg cost per ride is 6php ($.15)